SPRING MOTORS Ltd is a locally registered Company established in the year 2018 (Been in Kenya and South Sudan) with the main objectives to offer Motor Vehicle Service, Maintenance and Body Repairs to a Range of Motor vehicle Brands.

During the year 2019 - 2020 Spring Motors Ltd has grown a good reputation among its clients due to a well experienced and trained team that ensure customer satisfaction.
Because we intend to become leaders in the industry (Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Service and Repair) we offer extra checks and free advices to our clients on how best to SAVE on Automobile Investment Expenditures.
We also offer high quality performance guaranteed genuine imported spare parts from reputable world Suppliers/Manufacturers.
Our Services are backed up by an excellent technical team, superior customer service and WARRANTY on parts unlike in other motor garages in the Country. We pride ourselves as the best!

Spring Motors Ltd is a company built on a highly qualified team of managerial and technical personnel that are talented with outstanding skills and knowledge in automotive repairs and maintenance and above all pride themselves in offering customer satisfaction.


The following benefits shall be realized when a transaction agreement is entered with Spring Motors Ltd:

We will offer you very favorable rates highly competitive terms for our range of Services.
By entering a long term agreement, your organization shall enjoy favorable credit facilities as we will ensure that movement of your fleet is not interrupted.
We understand that vehicle maintenance is very costly hence the need for us to follow up on your service schedules to avoid unnecessary expenses.

    We offer the following Collusion Management Services

      We do the following Computerized Motor Vehicle Diagnosis and Repair

      We offer Routine Maintenance and Repair in the ranges below


At Spring Motors Ltd, we honor our customer hence offer genuine parts from reputable manufacturers.
We give Warranty on Engine parts


We are committed to pick up your vehicles at almost any location (When you luck a driver, Accident issues or breakdown services) in Uganda upon receiving instructions from your Office.
This will substantially reduce your movement time and ensure smoothness in your organizational operations.


Our Workshop is well equipped with a state of the art tools to enable our technicians perform their best to the satisfaction of our clients.


Spring Motors Ltd has been in operation for over 10 years in East Africa with a team of experienced Technical Personnel.

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